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Who are ContentETC?

We spend our time working closely with teams and individuals, private and public sector, who want to create the best content and improve their communications.

This means we get to work on some very exciting media and business projects, absorbing valuable insight into how different teams tackle different challenges.

So we thought it’d be useful to share some of our thoughts and encourage dialogue with others involved in content and communications.

Feel free to post a comment, and please let us know what’s on your mind.


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Richard Sharpe is co-founder and director of ETC. He started in journalism in the 1970s working on IT publications and has written for The Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and other publications on IT issues. He is a visiting fellow of the University of East London where he teaches and researches on journalism, IT and issues of inequalities. His recent publications include Inequalities in the globalised knowledge-based economy and Brains, Generations and one last push in The Myths of Technology: Innovation and Inequality.

Margaret Coffey image

Margaret Coffey is co-founder and director of ETC. She is a freelance journalist and trainer with experience in both the US and UK on publications including BusinessWeek, The Times and The Observer. She works with major UK media owners to design and deliver both face-to-face and e-learning programmes to editors and journalists.

Craig McGregor image

Craig McGregor’s background is all about persuasive communication. He now splits his time between copywriting, training, and strategic marketing consultancy for a wide variety of organisations.

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