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Don’t change your name, Thomson holidays: TUI has no pull in the market

by on 12 May, 2015

What’s in a corporate name? Nothing but reputation and a connection to customers.

Rumour has it that Thomson, the holiday company, is about to change its name to TUI. That’s the name of the holding company.

Hoiw would TUI look here?  Pretty poor.  Pic by Jeff Dejevdet

How would TUI look here? Pretty poor. Pic by Jeff Dejevdet

A mistake to change

What a mistake it if does. It will lose the goodwill of all the millions who have enjoyed a Thomson holiday. And spend millions trying to establish its new name with fresh marketing. And what a sad name: TUI. I hope the company ditches the plan.

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One Comment
  1. David Stam permalink

    I too read the likely name change with surprise.
    I worked for Thomson in the 70’s, when they published consumer mags. We used to get 10 % discount off holidays so have fond memories of long delays at Luton Airport ! The brand name is surely very strong in the uk but I guess they want global reach. Nice work for painters repainting all the logos on planes. ! David

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