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Use mind maps as a tool in corporate communications

by on 23 Oct, 2014

There is a tool in the tool kit of corporate communications which is not used enough: the mind map. Also known as the spider diagram. They are not for everybody, but they help those who see more value and information in pictures than in lists.

Here’s a mind map for how mind maps work.


A mind map of how mind maps work

A mind map of how mind maps work

They enforce a discipline about the subject. One thing has to be linked to another. They are also a good guide for a subject for people who are more visually orientated that those who rely on lists. This may be about 30% of your audience.

Some get it, some don’t

I introduced the idea of mind maps last week to a group working on making speeches. Some of them found it a useful tool: others were not impressed and relied on their lists. That’s OK. Let everybody use what they are comfortable with. But make sure your corporate presentation uses all the tools available to get the message across to everybody in the room. Don’t rely only on what you are comfortable with.

Here’s my mind map describing libel law.

My Mind Map of libel

My Mind Map of libel



It was created in FreeMind, a free mind-mapping tool which you can use.


You can win a free e-learning course from ContentETC when you get the best caption in our Picture Caption Competition.  Go on, have a go.


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