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by on 25 Oct, 2013

A good way to get into a new market is by a combination of social media using content marketing and the traditional marketing tools.  Take the restaurant sticks’n’sushi out of Copenhagen.  It has opened in London.  First in Wimbledon and next month in Covent Garden.

The chain has 11 restaurants in Denmark on its website and the owners are rolling it out in London.   And it is blending traditional marketing with social media.

Good review

It used traditional PR to get the critics into its London opening.  So old fashioned was the invitation for one critic that it came through the letter box.   This impressed food reviewer was Nick Harman who wrote a good review for the blog foodepedia.

Who tweets?

Then came a series of tweets.  I don’t know how “cosher” they are.  Often we never really know.  But they are all supportive on the site.  My question about this is: do people care where it comes from?  If we found out that the reviews/tweets were from employees we would.  We have no way of knowing.

Four social media

Each customer gets a card with with their bill with Facebook and Twitter links.  And two others the waiter could not explain to me.  One was pinterest and the other instagram.   This needs joined-up marketing to make sure that all employees know the social media used.

Three stars

Today, Friday, at lunch the Wimbledon restaurant was quite full.  And my review: expensive, certainly the wines, but good quality.  I give it 3 stars out of 5.

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