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Facebook: violence and competition

by on 28 Sep, 2012

“Facebook is fuelling violence, claims judge,” says the headline.   For the second time somebody on the bench has raged against Facebook.  People say things on Facebook which cause a rumpus when they meet face-to-face.  And then they’re in front of the bench.

I can imagine a judge in Mesopotamia some 5,200 years ago raging about this new fangled thing “writing”.  “People will write what they would never say face-to-face,” he would say.

Facebook but no face

And there’s the irony.  It may be Facebook but your face is not there in the conversation.   We get a lot of subtle and unconscious messages in face-to-face conversation.  And, as we are there, we are within striking distance.

The same thing happened with emails: we were warned by Shipley and Schwalbe when not to send the email.

Facebook picture caption competition

So no fighting over our picture caption competition new on Facebook: Win one of ContentETC’s e-learning courses. Devise the wittiest and most appropriate caption for this image and you can have one of our 19 e-learning courses for free.

Creative your witty caption for this image and win a free e-elarning course: photo by ethermoon

Just go to our Facebook page and make your entry…


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