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Jameson: another falls off the perch to tell us something

by on 14 Sep, 2012

And so, farewell, again, to somebody else. This time Derek Jameson (1929-2012), the tabloid journalist and radio broadcaster.

This blog has not become a lament for old talent. It’s just that a few –-Gove Vidal, Helena G Brown, Bob Heller and now Jameson –have fallen off the perch and they all can teach us things.

What they treach us

Vidal teaches us to be passionate and committed: to friends, heroes and enemies.

Brown of Cosmo teaches us that we can change magazines to make the zeitgeist.

Heller of Management Today teaches us to delve into subjects and keep a critical eye.

And Jameson?

Derek Jameson: a young woman, a laugh and several glasses of wine. copyright James Guest

He teaches us that publications are a commercial beast: he introduced bingo and scantily clad women.


He also teaches us that we can morph into another media.  He was seeped in printer’s ink but made the transition to radio very successfully.  Others have unfortunately followed: I think of Piers Morgan.  But we all face the challenge of morphing into other media and all journalists need to know their original media is not where they may end up.

Have a laugh

Finally, Jameson teaches us not to lose our sense of humour about ourselves.  He was satirised as having left journalism to edit the Sunday Express.  And to have “thought with his wrist”.  And to have thought that erudite was a glue.  He sued for libel.  And lost.  Get a sense of humour, the court said.   He should have kept his.

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