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“Gamification”: name of the game?

by on 7 Jun, 2012

We at ContentETC are starting on a project to build online games to support our training.  “Gamification” is a big subject is training now: how can you make your training more like games, is the question.

Al Gore, ex vice-president of the USA says: “Games are the new normal”, whatever that means.

It means, to me, that so many people now play games online that we can use this paradigm to help people learn.

However, a quick Google of “management games” brings up lots of hits of games I would never want to play. They seem to like pastel colours and set trivial tasks.  One I found was fun and instructive and if I have more time I shall become expert at running this small “button-pushing” company.

I am going to start more modestly with a board game for libel.  We’ve already got a real life board game called Keep It Legal.  I was always surprised as I used it at the end of a legal course how so many people, whatever their age and status, found it fun, and instructive.  There’s the point about using games in training: fun and instructive.

I was reading Digital Game-based Learning by Marc Prensky while thinking about “gamification” of our e-learning courses and realised we have a game in Keep It Legal with which we could start.

Keep It Legal was fun and learning: just the point of gamification

Let’s try to transfer that online.

But we want more than one game.  It is relatively easy, so I am told by the games-building experts at the University of East London, to hard wire a game.  But that gives us only one game.  Instead of hard wiring the information of Keep It Legal into a game I have written a spec for a games engine for a board game where we can change all of the data for the game with the same format.

We should have something to show you in September.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you have any subjects for a game run online to help training please comment and we’ll see what we can do.

Now, back to the button-pushing company.

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