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Sun strides on

by on 12 Apr, 2012

The Sun on Sunday is into its stride.  A fine front page this Sunday included both entertainment and getting the story, as UK journalism at its best does.

The entertainment was in the story about the hooker who claims she has slept with both Rooney from Manchester United and Balotelli from Man City.  Balotelli beats Rooney, she says, more on pages 4 and 5.

Sun on Sunday above the fold

Sun on Sunday above the fold: entertainment

Getting the story is below the fold.  It is a story that in the UK a 5-year old Asian girl was wed.  She thought it was a birthday party but it was her wedding.  That’s a super piece of journalism.  More on pages 8 and 9.

Sun on Sunday: getting the story

The order in which these stories are presented – first the hooker’s and then the child bride’s – shows the values of The Sun: entertainment first.  But the information is there.

Budget mess up

Also in the issue is another attack on the Conservative-led coalition’s budget.  George Osborne cut his own tax bill with the budget, page 6 claims.  And it names 6 other cabinet ministers who will benefit.

Getting the story and entertainment is the key to the best in UK journalism.

My research shows that journalism on other countries aims at other targets:

  • France: be a member of the elite and comment on policy; and
  • Italy: direct to a political stance or distract with trivia.

I prefer entertainmant and getting the story.

Quality: fit for purpose

I now get the Sun on Sunday because I ordered the first issue and did not cancel it.  With this quality of journalism I will keep reading it first, before my other orders of The Sunday Times and The Observer.  Quality means fit for purpose, and now the Sun on Sunday is in its stride from such a poor first issue it certainly is that: quality journalism.


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