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Why e-learning works

by on 16 Apr, 2011

Companies expect to do more e-learning and mobile learning this year, according to a recent survey from the Centre for People Development . Nearly 90% of those questioned said they intended to offer more e-learning and mobile learning.

It might not have been a highly scientific survey, but the results make sense to us. When budgets are tight organisations look for the solutions that provide the best value for money.

E-learning ticks that box. Our experience of creating and selling a range of writing, digital and media law e-learning courses over the past two years tells us it ticks some other important ones as well.

Learners are under pressure. They want training that is targeted directly to their needs and are less likely than ever to take a day out of the office to get it.

E-learning means you can do the course whenever you like, over as long as you like and wherever you like. And if you add individual feedback into the mix, it becomes highly targeted. That combination has been a real winner for many of our clients.

Simon Hares, Training Manager at Future, says:

“I am more than delighted with e-learning and the results have been most encouraging with delegates listening and applying the new skills they have picked up.

“E-learning is branded at Future as “Learning at your desk” and has a healthy level of interest from our employees.  The core technical writing skills are especially popular with delegates choosing to do not only the basic level courses but also the advanced ones too.”

Some people will always want a trainer in the room (and we’re glad they do), but for the growing numbers who can’t take the time, e-learning is well worth a try.


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