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Using the web wisely – and not so well

by on 6 Nov, 2010

Technology: it’s all about how you use it. Two things – one good and one not so good –  hammered that point home for me this week.

First the good. A clever software developer has developed a Twitter chatbot that searches Twitter for anti climate change arguments that have already been debunked and then counters them with Tweets of its own. How cool is that?

Now for the not so good. There’s been an uproar over a print editor who used copy she found on the web in her print magazine without checking with the author or paying her.

Great that it has caused such an outcry. But really surprising that anyone, working in print or online, could have thought it was an okay thing to do.

The basics don’t change, no matter what media you’re working in: if you don’t  keep things legal it will come back to haunt you.

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