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E-learning best for knowledge and skills

by on 21 Sep, 2010

E-learning is a strong tool to impart knowledge, fact-based training.  This was my central message at the EventUK conference and exhibition today in which I was a panel member.

It is also works to train in skills as you can see from our portfolio of skills e-learning courses.  Our number one selling course is Writing for the Web, which shows that e-learning is working for a skill-based course.

E-learning is at its weakest in training on issues which cover attitudes and habits.  This may change as the technology changes and becomes richer.

Always a place for face-to-face

There will always be a place for face-to-face training.  Here we can interact, we can respond, we can change the attitudes people have by argument and discussion.

E-learning, at the moment, cannot give the same rich interaction as face-to-face learning.

But it can give a far easier entry to training for companies with no training programme or who want to test the waters.  Starting at £25 and going to £150 per person per course at Contentetc a course can be tested and rolled out more cheaply than face-to-face.

RoI can be small when cost is small

The issue of Return on Investment (RoI) was raised on the panel; it is a constant question from corporate clients

You can test RoI if you are a regulated industry: how many breaches of the regulations now compared with before the training?  Or if generating content: how many breaches of copyright and other media law issues.

But then, as I said in the panel discussion, at £25 as an opening price for e-learning the return can be small because the investment is so small.

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  1. Thanks. I have added your blog to those I monitor. I hope you will find ours interesting as well.

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