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Internet use in the UK – what do Ofcom’s findings mean for writers?

by on 21 Aug, 2010

The internet section of Ofcom’s latest report raises some interesting questions for anyone writing for the web.

It finds that  younger people, aged 16-34, are more likely to turn to the internet for amusement than older people. Those aged 55 and up are using it to ‘find out or learn things’ or ‘contact people’.

Much of the thinking around how to write for the web is based on the idea that people are looking for information and are therefore impatient. So the classic pyramid used for much writing for the web works for the older users.

Does that model change if people are there for pleasure? Will they take more time to sample pages no matter how the content is structured? Social networking accounts for a  quarter of the time spent on the internet. What about the rest?

Ofcom: The Communications Market 2010

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