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The end of print or just a new page in the story?

by on 26 May, 2010
Time running out for news print?

The clock is ticking

Does this mean – literally – the writing on the wall for newspapers as we know them, all within a very brief timescale?

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I can’t see it.  Maybe a new format, or less frequency, but too many of us value the tangible, non-tech process of reading from the printed page. What about the beach? The bath? Sharing the news? Pocketing a clipping? Saving an article? And, as we all now spend our working hours in front of a keyboard and screen, do we really want that to carry on into our domestic and leisure time as well? Would you rather – sunbeds, or real sunshine? An actual party, or a social media event? We have to factor in human nature somehow…

I confess I’m a blog near-virgin, having just completed the fabulous blogging course at , but even I can see that screen and page not only can co-exist, they really have to, until the day we are all living in humidi-pods 5 miles up in the atmosphere. And that’s not going to happen any time soon.

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